If you are a game retailer, you need to know where to stock up on games. To succeed, you need a reliable wholesaler that will supply high-quality game keys. We know that looking for wholesalers to work with can seem daunting. That’s why we have prepared a quick overview of the places where wholesalers tend to show up.

1. Trade fairs

They are an ideal place to share your experience with other members of the video game industry. The added value here is that you expand your network of business partners.
At trade fairs in the gaming industry, the participants are both shopkeepers and wholesalers. Here you get to know your competitors and build business relationships with potential partners. Additionally, you will come across countless promotional materials like brochures with distributor lists. Of course, taking part in trade fairs may be a costly venture taking into account all travel, admission, and accommodation expenses. But it’s an investment that will bring profits in the long run.

2. Internet forums for wholesalers

The community of wholesalers is quite active on online forums, especially on websites designed specifically for them, eg. thewholesaleforums.co.uk or wholesaleforum.com. So it goes without saying that you will find wholesalers involved in selling video games there. Some of them offer great deals for bulk purchases and you can get contact details directly to the owners of warehouses. This way, you’ll have quick access to great offers in the future.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business community for people from all types of industries. Video game retailers and wholesalers are increasingly active on this site, so, overall, it’s a great place to develop new business contacts. LinkedIn also allows you to join groups that focus primarily on video games. Finally, such groups are perfect for finding game deals.

4. CodesWholesale.com

CodesWholesale.com is a digital wholesale platform that makes buying and selling video games easier by connecting all participants of the market, from retailers to distributors. By automating the retailer job, the platform speeds up the flow of games between distributors and online stores.
A large selection of games, no minimum order quantity, 24/7 online purchases and instant delivery – all this gives the platform’s users a huge advantage over their competitors.

5. MCV

MCV is a trade magazine that focuses on the business aspects of video games. In addition to sales statistics and announcements of upcoming blockbusters or industry events, you will also find companies representing the industry here.

6. E-commerce platforms: Alibaba, eBay

To find other wholesale suppliers, be sure to check websites such as Alibaba.com and eBay.com. They usually offer attractive game deals, but the search process is often laborious, time-consuming, and ineffective in the end.

This list should help you how to find game keys from wholesale businesses. Once you go for any of these options, always rely on your common sense and perform due diligence – this will help you avoid scammers.

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