Black Friday is the busiest shopping day in the year providing gaming merchants with an opportunity to boost their revenue considerably. However, the shopping bonanza starts many days or even weeks ahead of this day. This is why we gathered some tips to help you prepare for the upcoming shopping event.

1. Plan your email marketing campaign and newsletters in advance

The promotion of special offers provided by your store is extremely important. You can send emails at different points in time. At first, you inform your customers about the Black Friday sale, keep them alert to pre-Black Friday deals throughout and sent remainders towards the end of the sale.

2. Monitor your competitors’ offer

The best way to do it is to subscribe to their newsletter and study their emails. How often do other gaming retailers send them? What titles do they have on offer? What words do they use to address their customers?

3. Be prepared to handle a massive influx of orders

It’s not uncommon to observe an increased demand for your games in the Black Friday season. This is why you should stay in touch with your supplier to secure the stock. But if you automate gaming supplies with REST API, you’ll manage an increased demand easily.

4. Come up with backup plans

A range of problems may occur, for instance, your site may bog down due to heavy traffic. How can you prevent it? Optimize your website by keeping all your plugins and apps up to date. You can also contact support and inform them about increased traffic on your website so that they can help you out quickly.

5. Create buzz around deals on offer

Plus, build a sense of urgency and limited availability around discounted games. You can announce deals on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, blogs, forums and other websites. The sooner you begin to build suspense, the more customers will see their favourite titles and finally purchase them.

6. Ensure a quick response time

Before Black Friday and on this day, you’re likely to receive countless queries about games in stock. The worst tactic is to procrastinate with responses or not to provide them at all. Why not integrate live chat into your eStore then?

7. Make sure your website is responsive and mobile-friendly

The number of mobile users is constantly on the rise. In 2015, Black Friday sales soared on smartphones and tablets accounting for 36.1% of total sales! Don’t spoil the joy of mobile shopping to your customers!

8. Retarget old visitors to your website

Those who already filled their shopping carts in the past will be more likely to buy again. Indeed, some of your good customers could have forgotten about your offer for many reasons. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring them back.

9. Track your sales performance with Google Analytics

This tool provides valuable insights into the type of visitors who came to your site and their source. It will also be helpful in finding new customers, converting them and learning which marketing campaign was the most successful. And finally, you can focus on the most effective marketing tactics in the future.

The Black Friday season can be profitable for your business provided that you prepare thoroughly and start your sale a couple of days or weeks in advance. Keep in mind the above advice, get your elbows ready and enter the game!

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