If you are looking for a free template to your store to sell video games then I will help you with this. Below I present the top 6 templates for WordPress, which you can use for free!

1. Bearded


Main page:
Bearded template offers a large slider at the top of the page, on which we can put all kinds of important information, like the promotions in the store, the upcoming video game release or other important industry event (eg. trade fair).

Below the slider is a section in which we can put for example: bestsellers or products on sale.

Shop menu is hidden under the icon in the upper right corner.


Product sub-page:
The product card is nice and clear. It also has great opportunities for cross-selling, as it offers a section with related products (at the bottom of the site), and the ability to switch to a particular category of games or a list of the latest games in the store, or top rated titles (the side of the site).


2. Virtue


Main page:
A template called Virtue has a main page, which has the ability to does a good job illustrating products. The menu is accessible from the top bar of the page. There is also a search box. The lower part of the main page is modest, but elegant and contains mainly elements used to the contact the store’s customer service and social media.


Product sub-page:
Product card in Virtue template is simple, but very clear. This template also allows you to place a variety of important information in different tabs, so there is a big order here. This information can be eg .: description of the game, technical requirements and game reviews or comments by users.


3. Shophistic Lite


Main page:
Shophistic Lite template focuses on presenting the richness of the product. The menu is on the top bar, while on the side of the web site you can switch between the categories of games, or filtering product display based on the prices. But the dominant role here has a section with photos of products.


Product sub-page:
Product card is extremely simplified and is located on the only title, evaluation, product description, photos and any comments relating to them.


4. Mystile


Main page:
Mystile template has a banner at the top of the page. This banner can be used eg. to place important information about upcoming important events such as releases of the newest games, and trade fairs. Below is the product section, which shows photos, prices, titles and user ratings for individual products.

In the top bar you have easy access to a simple shop menu.


Product sub-page:
Product card like in the Shophistic Lite template is simple and has a tab where we can put information such as the description of the game or comments and user ratings. However, in contrast to the template, Mystile also offers display related products, which facilitates the creation of cross-selling offers.


5. Shopper


Main page:
Shopper template is very elegant and focuses mainly on displaying products on the main page. Full menu and search bar are available at the top of the page. The information about social media, and also a field for subscription are available at the bottom of the page. However, the center of the home page, which presents photos, prices and product titles dominate the rest of the template.


Product sub-page:
Product card is as elegant as the home page. The information is sorted in tabs, in which we can put information such as the description of the game, or reviews or user comments.


6. Zenshop


Main page:
Template called Zenshop offers slider on the main page, where we can put for example. products which we want to promote. Below is a typical product section, which displays photos, prices and names of individual products, as well as possibly an indication that the product is on special sale.

Simple menus and a search bar are available in the top bar of the page.


Product sub-page:
Product card is extremely simplified and includes the image header, description, and price.

On the side of the product web site is a section of categories, which allows us to go eg. to a specific video game genre.


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