You don’t even realize how many customers would buy a game from you, but for some reasons, they won’t do it. What is it that prevents your prospective customers from making a game purchase at your store? Here’s a quick overview of the factors that affect their buying decision in the end.

1. Narrow selection of games

If your prospects face poor product range, they may get easily discouraged from looking at it any further. They are likely to turn off from such a store and shop with a better-stocked one. To avoid this scenario, make sure that your game offering is broad enough.

2. Out of stock

Having video games in the catalogue is one thing, but what really matters is having them in stock. If you think that players will patiently wait for you to replenish the stock, you’re wrong. Even worse, the very moment your prospects see an out of stock label, they will turn to your competitors. To avoid out-of-stock situations, you should ensure stable and secure sources of digital games to your customers.

3. Slow delivery times

In the digital era, fast delivery has become the standard. If clients have to wait at least an hour for an activation code to arrive, then they will certainly give up waiting and shop with your competitor. Therefore, if you supply digital products, make sure your delivery time is instant.

4. Exaggerated prices

We’ve already mentioned that price is not the main determiner of your success. Your competition can also put extra care to ensure attractive prices and excellent customer service as well. The best thing to do would be to take a middle road – not cutting your prices overly on the one hand and not setting too high margin on the other.

5. Unfriendly customer support

Even if you have the lowest prices on the market, support that keeps ignoring your clients won’t lure customers into your store. Whatever the reason for frustration among your support reps, take an immediate action. Help customers out when they need it. Respond to their queries when they’re in doubt. Provide quick access to the support – this way you’ll earn customers’ trust, and, in the end, their money. Last, but not least, make sure that your messages are clear and straightforward. Perhaps, your support team is getting flooded with tons of queries and cannot handle them just because your customers were misinformed by previous emails?

6. Website issues

These days, digital is synonymous with the speed and ease of use. Slow page load times and counter-intuitive user interface may infuriate your potential customers. Slow website page extends the path to the final conversion, thereby making your potential earnings more distant. That said, check if your search options are user-friendly and if all registration forms are obligatory. Also, think of a responsive website that will look appealing on mobile devices as well.

7. Intrusive advertising – pop-up ads and banners

Any idea why people have created plugins for browsers that aim to block unwanted advertising? It’s because they hate them. That’s why we don’t recommend putting annoying pop-ups and banners on your website either. Squeeze every drop of performance out of your website and give your customers an excellent experience of your business!


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