The CodesWholesale plugin for Woocommerce allows you to import and sell thousands of digital games in a hassle-free way. In this post we will guide you through the installation process from the plugin setup, adding products to your website to offering them to your clients. Just follow the steps below and sell game keys in no time!

Plugin requirements

Our plugin requirements are the same as the core WordPress:
a) PHP Version 7.0 or higher
b) PHP functions to be enabled:
– exec()
– allow_url_fopen()

Keep in mind to update your WordPress to the latest version. This way, you will enjoy all the latest features coming with it.

Step 1: Before you install

Before you start the installation process for the plugin, please do the following:

Generate API credentials

1) Sign in to or if you don’t have an account yet, sign up here.
2) Go to the API tab in the left-hand sidebar.
3) Visit the API keys tab.
4) Select API version 2.
5) Click the button and generate API credentials:
– Client ID
– Client secret*
– Client signature*

* You are recommended to write it down and keep it for future reference. As soon as you leave the page, the client signature will get hidden automatically due to security reasons.


Set up a postback URL

1) Paste the postback URL with your client’s domain into the box. It will look as follows:


2) Click Save configuration button.


Optionally, if you are unsure whether your postback URL works correctly, it is a good practice to send test requests with Postback Test Tool.


Here are some possible outcomes of the test:

200 OK: The postback is correct – everything works perfect!
301 moved permanently: Our platform connected to your server but the submitted URL should be updated. Please contact our support team.
Server not found: CodesWholesale failed to connect to your server. Get help from our support team!

Step 2 Install the plugin

1) Log into your WordPress account.

2) Go to the WordPress sidebar menu and click on Plugins >> Add New.

3) Find the plugin by typing CodesWholesale into the search box.


4) Click Install Now button.


5) Activate the plugin.


6) Once the plugin has been activated, it will appear in the sidebar menu.


Step 3: Configure the plugin settings

After you have installed the plugin, it’s time to walk through all settings available. To get started, go to CodesWholesale >> Settings:

Environment type

We strongly advise you to test all settings in the sandbox environment first. Just tick the box as shown below:


If you opt for pushing all changes live, you will be asked to provide production account details, such as client ID, client secret, and client signature. You can generate them after you sign in to (see Step 1: Before you install section). Next, put the credentials into the relevant fields as shown below:


Profit margin type

You can set up the profit margin as amount or percentage and further add it to the CodesWholesale product price.


Profit margin value

Provide a profit margin value that will add to the CodesWholesale product price. The value set will apply globally to all products.



Select one of 32 currencies that you use in your store.


Auto-complete orders

Once you have enabled this option, our system will automatically send game keys to your client provided that:
– there are sufficient funds in your account balance
– your client has made an IPN-enabled payment.


Pre-order products

You can now activate or deactivate pre-order option for games that are currently out of stock. Reserve and pay for them before they arrive on the platform.


Automatic product import

All products that have been newly added to the platform will appear on your product page automatically.


Low-balance notification

Thanks to this functionality, we will keep you informed once the account balance goes below the value you provided.


Risk score value

With our security algorithm, you are now able to assess the risk of all incoming orders. If the client’s risk score is equal or higher than the value you provided, the order will get suspended. The value we recommend is 1.5.


Double-check price

This functionality is recommended for users who set up a custom price. It prevents you from selling lower than you bought. How does it work? If the price set is lower than the CodesWholesalfulfille, this order will not go through. You can still fulfill it manually, though.


Hide products

You can turn off the visibility of games that have been removed from CodesWholesale. Games that have been hidden by the CodesWholesale admin will not be visible until he or she brings them back. Once the game has been back on the platform and you have the automatic product import turned on, then the game will appear on your product page by default.


Product description language

Select a language that will display for your product descriptions.


Charm pricing

Prices that end in 9 will resonate more with your clients and thus compel them to buy. Activate this option if you want to win more clients!


Once you have gone through all the fields, save the changes.

Step 4: How to add games and set their prices

You can either import games automatically or add them manually. Depending on the method you choose, global profit margin or custom profit margin will apply. It takes roughly 20-40 minutes to import all products from the platform into your store.

How to import products automatically

1) Go to the CodesWholesale >> Import tab in the sidebar menu.
2) Select:
– Import all available products
– Apply filters first – the available filters are time, platform, region, and language.


3) Click Import products to import selected games.
Global profit margin will automatically apply to all imported products.

How to add products manually

1) Go to the Products tab in the sidebar menu.

2) Select Add new product.

3) Enter a Product name.

4) Link to a product from CodesWholesale.

5) Go to Price and stock settings and choose:

– Global profit margin
– Custom profit margin
– Custom price and stock – for customers who offer their own product with the custom price.

6. Publish the product.

How to set up pre-orders for a single product

1) Visit Products >> All Products in the sidebar menu.
2) Select a product.
3) Go to Product data window and click on the Inventory tab.
4) Select Allow from the drop-down menu.
5) Click Update.


With your store up and running, you are ready to sell games!