Wondering what Magento extensions to choose? It’s a hard decision, quite obviously, but we did our best to help you!

Magento is one of the biggest competitors on the market of eCommerce platforms. This system allows for a lot of freedom configuration-wise and is very flexible, when it comes to adding completely new functionalities with plugins and extensions. Many claim Magento is the most versatile platform out there thanks to the rich variety of Magento extensions available and many huge clients using it seem to prove it. Among the most recognizable brands admitting to using Magento are:

  • Samsung
  • Nike
  • Lenovo
  • Olympus
  • Ford
  • Paperchase
  • Farlows
  • Links London
  • Harvey Nichols

Interestingly enough, a study conducted by Alexa in 2013 proved that over 260,000 out of the top million Alexa-ranked web pages were constructed using Magento technology. With such a good reputation and huge popularity, it seems it should be easy to build a perfect eCommerce website. But you couldn’t be more mistaken!

Paradox of choice

The problem with Magento extensions is simple: there are too many options to choose from. The list of available plugins that Magento Marketplace has to offer stretches to over 4,500 free, cheap and quite expensive items. 600 of them are rated ⅘ stars or more and many are designed to do almost identical things, so it is extremely hard to choose the ones you actually need. Thankfully, CodesWholesale cooperates very closely with eCommerces worldwide and we have some first-hand insight into this matter!

Sales improving Magento extensions

To improve sales, your store needs to be visible and attractive, both visually and pricing-wise. So let’s start with extensions that will help you sell more!

Google Shopping

Remember the simple product ads Google shows you on top of your actual search results? These ads are there thanks to Google Shopping.

google shopping magento extension screenshot

Daily Deals

Daily Deals is an easy-to-use extension that lets you plan and set daily deals for your customers. You can use it to set promotional prices using different pricing methods, configure the starting and ending date for the deals and provide the customers with all the information you want. What is very important, Daily Deals is open source, available in many languages and easy to use.

daily deals magento extension screenshot

Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend is a neat piece of code that allows you to implement the referral functionality into your store. It can automatically generate referral links that offer bonuses, such as discounts. But is referral marketing effective? Well, according to some studies it is. As this article explains, we tend to trust other humans more than some anonymous ads and we are happy to recommend services that satisfied our needs – especially if we can be rewarded for doing so. Statistically speaking, 92% of us trust personal recommendations from people we know (Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey, 2009), so not using this principle is a huge waste!

refer a friend Magento extensions screenshot

Functionality improving extensions

Multi-vendor extensions

There is quite a long list of extensions that allow you to let other users sell using your eCommerce service. You can essentially build your own eBay for business and make money just by hosting items of other sellers in your store.

Let’s quickly review one of these Magento extensions, WebKul SoftWare’s Multi Vendor Marketplace. Its main function is obvious: to transform your store into a marketplace open for other sellers. It may be the quickest way to start selling thousands of different products and offering the customers a wide choice of options.

As an administrator of such a multi-vendor enterprise, you will have many duties. After all, it is your job to verify new vendors and make sure your customers are satisfied. But owning a marketplace may be your first step towards really serious business.

Magento One Step Checkout Extension

The shorter the sales funnel, the better. As an eCommerce owner you can shorten it effectively by optimizing the way your shopping cart works. One thing definitely worth implementing is a one step checkout system, like the one by BSS Commerce.Don’t let your customers change their mind before they pay, make them pay in seconds by:

  • simplifying the steps required to do perform the payment,
  • intuitive address auto-completion and geolocalization using the customer’s IP address,
  • delivery date selection.

CodesWholesale Magento Extension

While creating a marketplace may tempt, as it allows for rapid product-base expansion, it is also difficult to control. It sometimes leads to struggles with those vendors, who aren’t necessarily honest. Another way of including thousands of products into your eCommerce without worrying about scammers is starting a partnership with a well-established digital wholesale supplier. Such as we are ;)

codeswholesale magento extensions guide cover

CodesWholesale Magento extension lets you instantly integrate your store with our base of over 3400 digital versions of video games (in other words: serials or game keys). In order to make money selling them, you don’t need to pay beforehand, as you would have to, if you partnered up with an ordinary wholesaler.

With CodesWholesale Magento extention, you can easily create a storefront full of products, manage them, adjust pricing and simply run business on autopilot.

The system automatically processes orders, accepts payments, sends your profit margin to your accounts and the wholesaler’s amount to their account, as well as, sends the product to your customers digitally, using your email address. It is almost completely automatic, once you set it up, which is relatively simple, with all the tutorials and installation guides out here.

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