There is no better way to make money than on doing something you love. The gaming industry gives you an opportunity to make more than a few pennies if you are really passionate about gaming. This article gives you an overview of ways to make money from gaming.

… because I’m a streamer on Twitch and I have my own YouTube channel

It doesn’t matter whether you stream games for others, record gameplay videos or review games and put them on YouTube. What matters is the fact that people enjoy watching your videos. The larger your audience is, the more money you’ll earn. For example, you can review games for developers and then get rewarded for your job. Alternatively, you can sell game-related merchandise like custom t-shirts, mouse pads and video games to your fans.

… because I write about games and I create walkthroughs and guides for games

If you deliver video game-related content like guides, walkthroughs or reviews, you stand a chance of attracting tons of readers. Promote them by putting advertising banners on your website using AdSense. Or sell your own merchandise such as T-shirts, hats, and mouse pads.
A worthwhile idea would also be to sell video games or deliver content for the most popular video game magazines.

… because I collect in-game items

If you have experience in playing computer games, great gaming skills and a bit of luck, you are on the way to making money online. Perhaps, you collect rare items like weapons, shields or artifacts, why not trade them with other players?

… because I win eSports tournaments

eSports tournaments that offer valuable prizes abound. As champion of eSports, you could get plenty of sponsors who are willing to pay you to wear a shirt with their logo on or to advertise their gaming hardware. Besides, fans can also bring you extra profits. Selling video games, T-shirts or mouse pads with your logo on – which of these do you fancy the most?

… because I enjoy guiding other players

If you have sufficient knowledge about video games and can predict which titles will succeed, there’s money to be made. How? By launching your own video game store. Millions of players around the world expect responsive customer support to truly help them with any ongoing issues or to simply recommend them the best games to play.
Nowadays, it takes less than $10 to start your online video game store. Are you in?

… because I can spot glitches in games

Being a professional game tester requires a lot of knowledge, experience and extreme patience. You have to go through every game hundreds of times in hundreds of ways. Each time you need to take a different path to detect any bugs that programmers will fix later. Sound good to you? So game testing is just for you.

… because I’m creative

Are you into programming? Are you a stunning animations or graphics author? Do you compose good soundtracks? Can you write great screenplays? These skills are useful when developing games from scratch. If you enjoy any of these activities, you’re bound to land in a dev studio.

Consider the above ideas and decide which one suits you best. The gaming industry is awash with opportunities to make money!

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