You look for suppliers who offer the best deals on video games. You waste tons of time to negotiate the lowest price possible. It seems that competing on price is the best way to attract more customers to your store. However, it’s not only a price that propels gamers to buy. Here are some other factors that affect gamers’ buying decisions.

Availability of games

When the customer visits your store, he or she expects to find a game they are looking for. So it’s crucial to have it in stock this very moment. As you know, gamers don’t like waiting. If you want your hard-earned customers to shop with you, ensure a secure supply of game keys. Otherwise, your competitors will do it for you, and you will lose sales.

Pro-tip: First, ensure smooth supplies of game keys, then compete on price.

Prompt delivery

PC gamers like to have immediate access to a game. They want to get their hands on it after making a payment regardless of the time of a day. That is why it pays off to implement solutions that automate game keys distribution.

Pro-tip: Automate your game key sourcing and delivery.

User-friendly payment methods

If you want gamers to be happy with their purchases, consider payment methods available in your store. The best payment providers ensure automatic payment confirmations. Keep in mind that customer payment preferences differ, so be sure to offer the most popular payment methods in your region.

Pro-tip: Improve retail checkout experience with a variety of payment options.

Full information about order

Customers like to be in the know about orders they make. That’s why you should keep them informed about the status of their order. When clients see the following message: ‘your order has been received, we are waiting for a payment from you’ or ‘we accepted your payment, you will receive an order within a minute’, they feel more secure about their purchase.

Pro-tip: Notify customers about the status of their orders.

Friendly customer support

The key to a good relationship is a responsive customer support. So build a team that will be able to handle different types of problems – be it payment, technical or game-related issues. Additionally, consider how you are going to communicate with gamers – via email, phone, Skype, Facebook or live chat? The best option, however, would be to combine them and rely on 24/7 multi-channel support via email and social networks.

Pro-tip: Ensure real-time multi-channel support for your customers.

As you can see the lowest price is not the only factor that influences customer buying decisions. Many key players in the industry come up with ways of adding value to the purchase rather than discount the price. In conclusion, you can affect customers’ buying decisions in manifold ways from instant delivery to helpful customer support.

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