Dropshipping has been all the rage on forums devoted to e-commerce recently. Those looking for a low-cost idea for business turn their heads to online dropshipping. So, what’s the idea behind it and what does it have to do with digital games? Simply put, dropshipping is a business model that allows you to sell products without the hassle of keeping them in stock. The whole burden of keeping inventory, stock-related issues and order fulfilment is taken over by the supplier. Now, let’s take a closer look at why digital games are worth building your dropshipping business on.

Why digital games?

You may have missed the fact that the time for starting a digital dropshipping business in the video game industry has never been more favourable. Digital games have a staggering share in the video game market with nearly $84 bn out of $99.6 bn of the total video market revenue in 2016. In the UK alone, the revenue of the digital games sector amounts to £2.9bn, thereby outperforming other popular industries such as music and video with £1bn and £2.3bn, respectively. As per January 2016, the global digital market revenue rocketed to almost $8bn, showing a nearly 10% year-on-year growth. How come you stay indifferent to such skyrocketing numbers and leave big money on the table?

Find trusted suppliers of digital games

Once you make up your mind to pursue a career as a digital game dropshipper, you’ll have to plough your way through endless lists of wholesale suppliers whose reputations are far from solid. Not only does it take up your precious time but it doesn’t bring the desired results – you have virtually no protection against scammers. Plus, once you gather a network of credible suppliers, prepare yourself for heaps of paperwork as you’ll be receiving countless quotes, spreadsheets and updates to analyse. This may be slightly overwhelming to go through all of them to choose the best offer.

…or get them all in one place on CodesWholesale.com

CodesWholesale.com, the wholesale platform dedicated to distributing digital game keys, can save you a huge amount of time during the search process. When you decide to dive into the digital dropshipping business, just create your account on CodesWholesale.com and get access to hundreds of credible and vetted wholesale game suppliers worldwide, all gathered in one place. In fact, quotes, spreadsheets and updates are utterly redundant because only offers with the lowest prices on the platform will find their way to your store.

Source digital games

You’ve just compiled a list of potential suppliers you can work with and now it’s time to place the first order with them. Just a second… How do you know that the suppliers you’ve found will ensure a timely delivery? In the case of pre-ordered games, obtaining the supply of game keys on time is of primary importance. To be sure that on-time delivery actually takes place, you need to establish a long-lasting relationship with various suppliers. Time wasted on this process gets you nowhere near to soaring sales – quite the opposite, it’ll leave you frustrated and upset.

…or use the automated sourcing by CodesWholesale.com

Automation is key to saving time on tasks that are both significant and trivial in nature. Don’t reinvent the wheel – CodesWholesale.com offers an automated sourcing for you. Instead of undergoing a thorough search process, you can have products sourced on autopilot. The idea behind the automation is that whenever a customer buys a game in your store, a notification is sent to the CodesWholesale platform and the game is delivered straight to your customer. Your clients are not aware of the process happening in the background. Clever, isn’t it? This mechanism allows you to spend more time on other equally meaningful activities like the advertising, marketing and promotion of your business.

Estimate the stock levels you need

One of the key aspects of starting a digital dropshipping business is assessing the right stock quantities you need. How to balance your inventory so that you don’t run into issues like overstocks and out-of-stocks? Once you have more game keys than you can sell, you end up being overstocked and suffer from recurring cash flow problems – your money is tied up in games that don’t sell. Or, on the other hand, your store has just run out of the latest release. Generally, customers have little patience for out-of-stocks. In a nutshell, adjusting your stock levels to the existing demand takes a large portion of your time and may not yield the results you hope for.

…or have it done on autopilot by CodesWholesale.com

Again, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. It makes more sense to try tested solutions out there on the market instead. One of them is to automate game sourcing and say goodbye to inventory issues. With sourcing done on autopilot, you don’t have to worry about running into excess stock and what’s more you won’t lose time on planning. Plus, out-of-stock issues are less likely to occur when nearly 400 suppliers on the platform could be your source of products. If you want your stock quantities to match your customer demand perfectly, power up your inventory with the help of CodesWholesale.com now!

Spread the word about your business

My store is up and running but I get no sales! Such desperate exclamation can be heard from some digital dropshippers. This can make or break you. Generally, the sooner you start making a digital presence for your store, the more traffic you’ll gain in the end. And finally, you’ll be more likely to land more sales. But how to promote a store that has a poor selection of games? That sounds a lot like shooting yourself in the foot right from the start.

…or market your store right from the start!

If handled at the right time – meaning at the start of your business, your marketing efforts have a greater chance of success. Connected to a diverse source of digital games, you can focus on driving targeted traffic to your store in its early stages of development. Thanks to the plug-ins compatible with top e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, PrestaShop and Opencart, you can get your store up and running with a wide selection of products at its launch! If you are in the dark as to which e-commerce solution would be best for you, let us guide you through the process.

Congrats, you’ve just gone through a quick tutorial on how to become a dropshipper in the digital game industry. To recap, you won’t be a successful dropshipper unless you create a network of credible suppliers, source products effectively, have more or less accurate stock levels and market your product offering to a wide audience. Be sure to follow our guidelines and become a top video game dropshipper with a little help from CodesWholesale.com!