Is your online store a little empty? We asked our clients about their experiences and came up with a list of great eCommerce product ideas!

So your entrepreneurial spirit pushed you to start an e-commerce business? That’s great but did you come up with a good list of eCommerce product ideas? Or maybe you are still trying to figure out what to sell online? We know that pain. Don’t let your product choice ruin your business at the outset. Don’t leave your money on the table. If you want to learn the factors behind product choice, read more here. With a ready-made list of eCommerce product ideas, you will get inspired to pick a product and turn a profit. Let’s get started!

1. Virtual Reality accessories

If you are wondering whether virtual reality can earn you a decent profit, the figures will speak for itself: the value of the virtual reality market is projected to surpass $100 bn by 2027. What propels the sales of Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR headsets is the development of virtual reality games. Moreover, a rise in the demand for this kind of products can be observed – 1 in 3 gamers declare that they will buy VR in the next year. Also, the good news is that over 90% of customers are satisfied with their VR-related purchases. Do you still need more evidence that virtual reality gadgets are one of the best eCommerce product ideas?

players using htc vive vr headsets as one of eCommerce product ideas

2. Gaming merchandise

Gamers are a type of community that spends quite big sums on their guilty pleasures. Buying tangible game-related merchandise and collectables is a way of deepening affinity with their favourite franchise. Interestingly, the overall market value of game merch amounts to 13bn and shows no signs of stopping. All kinds of game-related figures, T-shirts, mugs and badges, to name just a few, bridge the gap between the virtual and real world. They also help gamers interact with a particular title on a completely new level. Now, more than ever in the past, you have a chance to win the hearts and wallets of players and enter the multi-million-dollar industry. Why not start an online merch store then? All signs show it’s among the most promising eCommerce product ideas!

super mario costume for kids as one of ecommerce product ideas

3. Digital games

Apart from merchandise, digital game downloads are a perfect match for passionate gamers. The vast community of gamers is apt to spend their money on games. Suffice to say that the digital spending alone increased by 15% this June, which means that gamers spent $9.1 bn across all platforms, as compared to $7.9 in June 2017. That the digital game industry is a multi-billion dollar niche is a no-brainer: the total consumer spend on the whole video game industry was 30.4bn in 2016. And it doesn’t look like customer demand is going down anytime soon. On the contrary: if you look at graphs and numbers, digital games rank among the safest eCommerce product ideas of them all. Investing in this branch of the industry is almost certain to bring stable income.

There are also some nice cross-sell opportunities for digital games and game merchandise.

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4. Phone accessories

Like it or not, smartphones are a massive market. In fact, the phone accessories industry has been on the increase for the last years. It’s been projected that the phone industry will reach around 107.3 bn in the market cap. As the industry is growing exponentially, so is the demand for phone covers, earphones chargers, phone grips, screen protectors and many phone-related items. In 2017, almost 80% of smartphone users reported to use a protective case on their smartphone. So if you look for opportunities to make some cash, then you should get serious about selling phone accessories, as they count as one of those eCommerce product ideas that never fails (well, in theory, because everthing depends on you).

5. Subscription boxes

The subscription box industry is rising exponentially by 200% every year. That’s a great source of a monthly recurring revenue as customers are billed until they cancel. The idea of subscription boxes lies in the simple truth of psychology – people love to be surprised, even more – they are obsessed with it. And that’s exactly what they get with this kind of service each month. It also explains why they are one of the most popular eCommerce product ideas: we don’t just like being surprised, we like to surprise.

Subscription boxes offer consumers a collection of products from similar categories within one delivery package. Although this type of business is slightly different from selling an online product, it’s still extremely profitable. You can create a subscription box around some best-selling products, be it boxed video games, game merch or vinyls, you name it!

The only problem is, each month you need some new eCommerce product ideas to fill the boxes…

dollar shave subscription box as an example of good ecommerce product ideas

6. Drones

The value of the drone industry is $5bn and the figures are still going up. BI Intelligence predicts that sales of drones will exceed $ 12 bn in 2021. Add to this all the accessories, models, a passionate community, and you’ll have a simple recipe for success in this geek niche. Purchase the most popular models at one price and later sell them higher, be it to beginners or to more advanced users. Why not start selling drones if you already have stores dedicated to electric devices, gadgets and the like?

7. E-cigarettes

Yes, you’ve read it correctly – e-cigarettes can turn your online store into an immensely lucrative business. The e-cigarette and vaporizer niche is estimated to grow by $61 bn by 2025. No wonder, being an element of lifestyle, e-cigarettes fulfil guilty pleasures. As we already said, this factor partly determines the profitability of a product. In this niche, you’ll have products at various price points with mutiple up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. If you feel yourself at ease in this highly-regulated industry, success lies within your reach.

Choosing a profitable product to sell in your online store is not a piece of cake. It requires doing a little homework, which mainly consists in researching best-selling products on the internet. We have identified some profitable opportunities for you so that you won’t be left in the dark. After all, success with online sales isn’t a matter of luck, it’s pure science. Luckily, you can discover it with us!