Scouring the web to find the right supplier may be going the hard way. There’s a dime a dozen of websites out there that can provide you with fake goods. They are too slow to deliver. Or they just trick you out of money and vanish into thin air. Hundreds of things may go awry if you come across an unreliable supplier. This is where wholesale directories like Worldwide Brands come in. Check out what value they can bring to your business and, perhaps, give them a try!

What is Worldwide Brands?

It’s one of the longest-running wholesale directories on the web. Over the years, they compiled a comprehensive list of over 16,000 items across every possible niche. Before they add a supplier to their directory, the candidate goes through the detailed auditing. All this sets you up one step closer to “safe, secure wholesalers located at the TOP of the supply chain” as Worldwide Brands advertise. And no, you won’t find the outcome of their research with Google!

Diversify your product range

Be competitive or quit. One way of standing out is to expand your assortment with new product categories (more exhaustive treatment of brand extension is here). Nothing gives a better nudge than numbers, so consider this: expanding your product range results in a 12 per cent increase in sales for every 10 per cent rise in unique products sold. Wholesale directories like Worldwide Brands offer you an abundance of niches to try out. However, if you look for wholesale suppliers from the video game industry, should be your go-to platform. Check out why adding games to your catalogue is a brilliant idea.

Weed out scam suppliers

Your e-commerce business is as strong as your wholesale base. That said, the more trustworthy wholesale providers you have, the lower the risk of getting cheated. Worldwide Brands and other wholesale directories give you top-level wholesalers on a plate.

Dropship, buy in bulk or…

… buy in light bulk quantities. Seriously, Worldwide Brands cover your needs, no matter what your buying powers are. All items are sorted into Light Bulk, Dropshipper or Volume Wholesaler category. Your only concern then is to get in touch with suppliers and place an order.

It looks exactly the same as with CodesWholesale. All game store owners are eligible for buying in (light) bulk. They don’t need to stock games in advance. Instead, they buy as many game keys as their clients need. Need a single key? No problem. Need bulk quantities? Just log in and place an order!

Cut out the middleman

It’s not only scam artists that you avoid with Worldwide Brands, but you also eliminate all middlemen. You contact the wholesaler directly. As a consequence, you avoid hefty profit margins and falling prey to businesses with the shady reputation. At the end of the day, you can offer more customer-friendly price while keeping more profits for yourself.

Use the available resources

Almost $300 for getting access to Worldwide Brands suppliers may seem too steep. However, the price includes lifetime access to all training materials, newsletters, e-books, etc. One of the useful tools is Market Research Tool which suggests products that sell well before you bring them to the market. Why not save yourself hours of the tedious manual research then?

There is one thing that you may be 100% sure – digital games will sell. The video game industry has accelerated so much that it could be worth almost $138 bn by the end of 2018. Find out what other products have a potential for promising sales in our previous article.


Whether you want to enrich your product range or avoid middlemen, wholesale directories like Worldwide Brands can do a great deal of good to your online business. With their help, you can grow your supplier base without worrying about scammers. But there’s one caveat here – you won’t click yourself rich overnight. You should still put the fair amount of work into finding the right niche. Be quick as there’s lots of money on the table!