Gamers are like any other clients – they are willing to buy, especially if you approach them with a tempting offer. On the other hand, they are different from an average client in that they have developed a unique language and gaming culture. As a game retailer, you may ask yourself: How can I sell more games with emails? Learn about the six vital elements that your email campaign shouldn’t miss.

1. Speak gamers’ language

You should speak the same language as your players to attract their attention. First and foremost, immerse into the gaming community and simply be a good listener. Gamers’ language is mostly informal and direct with a cornucopia of slang-like expressions and excessive abbreviations. Just listen to gamers’ using words like respawn, lag, frag, mod, loot, screenshot, fatality and quest. Learning a couple of them will make you more familiar to the community. However, don’t overuse them unless you want to come across as ridiculous.

2. Keep it short (and simple)

Reading a lot of text on mobile is not pleasant so all the more flowery email novellas will not work for gamers. You should keep them short and simple, leaving out any unnecessary details. Generally, internet users stay away from large blocks of text as they discourage them. If you keep your emails short, then the chances are that your reader won’t give up halfway through the text.

3. Make the subject line engaging

The subject of your email should not sound like a sales slogan as it will automatically be recognized as spam. If it sounds cliche, it won’t attract gamers’ attention. Your task is to make it surprising. Let the subject line reveal something unusual about a game.

4. Add visuals

Gamers are visual people. They connect emotionally with most things just by looking at them. Plus, they watch gameplay videos, trailers and screenshots to find out if a game is worth playing. That is why your emails need to have a proper game-based layout and theme.

5. Include a logo or title

Typically, game titles are not translated into other languages. When it comes to video game publishers, they market their games with the same pitch materials globally. As a game retailer, you can make the most of logos and fonts characteristic of a game. This way, the player will instantly get the gist of a game.

6. Add call to action

In the end, you have to push your client to the desired action with an appropriate Call To Action (CTA). The player needs to know where to click to go the product page or to a YouTube video. Keep in mind that the CTA button should stand out from the body of text, just as the text should indicate benefits of clicking a button.

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