Late-night negotiations, sending hundreds of offers, waiting for delivery, reporting all the completed transactions – these are only some of the difficulties wholesaler face every day. This article presents inefficient tools frequently used by wholesalers and provides them with alternative solutions.

Let’s look at the drawbacks of basic tools used by wholesalers in their daily work.

Ineffective emails

E-mail is the most frequently used tool among wholesalers. It is widely used despite its many obvious disadvantages. It’s time-consuming and uncertain.

Time-consuming – communication via emails extends time to contact the business partner and close the transaction. Also, it takes time to prepare the email offer.

Uncertain – we don’t receive any information why the recipient didn’t reply to our offer. Is the potential partner not interested in our proposal? Or, perhaps, our message went to the SPAM folder? Obviously, there are plug-ins notifying us that the recipient read the message, but still they don’t solve the core problem.

Clearly, a lot of time is wasted and we are stuck with no definite response from business partners. It often takes a while before they go online, read your message and respond. If you work in different time zones, you will definitely waste more time. Time is money. Why do you waste it then?

Tiring Skype and phone conversations

Skype and telephone are used to improve communication between wholesalers. In addition to high costs generated by phone calls, especially international calls, both tools have their drawbacks. First of all, they require the simultaneous interaction between callers. You have to arrange a date which is suitable for two parties. It gets even more difficult if there are time zone differences between them. This could mean night-time talk to one of the partners. Second, we need to face cultural and language barriers. Even if you have good intentions, some misunderstandings may still occur. And this generates unnecessary tension and nervousness. How often do you experience this?

Laborious spreadsheets

The prices of the products from the tables are compared to find the best, most beneficial one. This requires plenty of time spent on analysis. When the wholesaler is weary of browsing hundreds of items in the spreadsheet, it is easy to make a mistake or simply omit something. In the meantime, some prices may change. As a result, all time spent on analyzing is wasted. On top of that, the price lists are often obtained via emails or Skype, which only aggravates the problem.

Digital distribution as an alternative to ineffective tools

Digital distribution is becoming increasingly common in the game wholesale industry. The fast transfer of products and simple ordering procedure are extremely important from the business perspective. Consequently, many solutions based on the new distribution model have been developed and is one of them. This is a wholesale platform for the digital distribution of video games which replaces the already existing tools – email, Skype, phone, and spreadsheets. The advantages of e-commerce are undeniable!

No need to wait until your supplier is available

With the help of wholesale platform, there is no need to ask your business partners for offers. Having instant access to the current price list, you can place an order at any time even when the distributor isn’t available. Also, no cultural or language barriers will be encountered because you don’t need to contact your supplier. And, most importantly, after making a payment, you will immediately receive game keys via email.

No need to sit at a computer all day to sell

The wholesale platform will improve your daily activities. The only thing you have to do is upload new game keys into the system and control the prices. In addition, you can open your own wholesale platform similar to and provide your customers with the simplest way of ordering video games. As a result, you don’t have to answer tons of emails and phone calls with offers. You can also engage your distributors in selling under your own brand. Consequently, the time saved can be devoted to developing your business.

Undoubtedly, digital distribution is a huge step forward in the game wholesale industry. To increase your profits, it is crucial to exploit the full potential of this business model.


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