As the seller who offers hundreds of game keys to other companies, you may be looking for some automation in the job. White label developed by CodesWholesale may be the perfect way to get rid of tons of emails, Skype, phone conversations, and spreadsheets. With it, your offering becomes instantly available to companies that you do business with. And, needless to say, it saves you tons of time.

Target customer

This option is suitable for businesses who supply other companies with bulk quantities of codes. The parameter we take into account before offering the white label to your company is your quarterly turnover. On the contrary, if your sell codes to individual clients, then API will be the most suitable option of all.

No risk involved

Creating your own software may sound like a good idea but only if you have all the necessary resources at hand. Otherwise, encrypting and testing inherent in the development process is overly time-consuming.

White labelling available at eliminates all the possible development hassle as you receive a ready-made software. If anything goes awry in the development phase, you won’t put your own resources at risk. Best of all, we also ensure the in-house team of programmers ready to tackle any technical issues for you.

Stable revenue stream

In exchange for a tailored software, companies using the white label model earn a commission-based profit. In other words, whenever one of your partners makes a purchase, the percentage of sales goes directly into your pocket. Best of all, there are no hidden costs, contracts or subscriptions that could burden your budget.


Sitting the entire day in front of the computer and waiting for the supplier to talk to is not the smartest way of doing digital business. One way of overcoming all challenges inherent in the wholesale may be white-labelling your digital games sale. Take the first step and get in touch with our support – to check if the white label is suitable for your company.

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