There are many digital products that you can sell online, but only some of them stand a real chance of being successful. What are the most popular and the most desirable products for online users? We have done the research and give you an overview of 7 best-selling digital products.

1. Video games and software

Digital distribution opens up completely new perspectives for sales. As you probably know, online sales overtake traditional physical product sales in terms of profits. Another thing is that PC gamers are very demanding and want to get their hands on the game almost immediately. And that’s what digital distribution makes possible. Thanks to it, gamers receive game keys instantly, without leaving home. In 2015 the global value of the digital distribution reached $91.5 bn and a year-on-year increase was +9%.

2. Ebooks

Traditional books have been entering the digital phase in steps. The whole process consolidated with the arrival of e-book readers. Despite the fact that their growth hasn’t been as rapid as that of video games, the impact of e-book readers shouldn’t be underestimated jus as their revenue, which reached $8.4 bn in 2013. By contrast, the revenue of traditional printed books revolved around $54 bn in 2013. The upward trend is fueled by the demands of the e-learning sector and its market share may increase over the years.

3. Movies

The widespread access to the internet and the widely available films made the internet a perfect place for watching films. While the cinema industry and TV still have their enthusiasts, online users are increasingly more inclined to watch movies online. Ticket sales are going down, suffice it to look at the numbers: we can see the slump from 653 mln in 2002 to 562 mln in 2012.

4. Music and audio files

It’s extremely comfortable for music fans to use MP3 players instead of carrying CDs to listen to their favorite music. Thanks to a small MP3, it’s now possible to keep thousands of songs in one place. While in 2004 the market of digital music distribution was worth only $0.4 bn, the figures reached almost $6 bn in 2013. And you can still offer sound samples on sale to various film production, music, and video game companies.

5. Photos and graphics

Visual advertising, website design or simply an app require a decent design. No wonder that good quality visuals are in demand. If you are creative and have portfolio bustling with creative design, why not start selling them?
How much will you earn? Well, that depends on your skills. Some photographers upload around 1,000 items and charge $1 per a photo monthly via sales platforms like iStockPhoto, Shutterstock and Fotolia. Others can even boast $100,000 of annual income.

6. Online tutorials

If you have mastered a specific skill, why not offer courses and tutorials to teach others? They can take the form of a video, e-book or podcast. You can make good money for access to these tutorials.
How much money can you earn? It all depends on what you can do and how proficient you are. And, it is also a matter of how popular your courses are. Tutorials are a bottomless pit of opportunities, so work on your marketing strategy and create buzz around them.

7. Online services

This is a broad term because it covers a range of topics from hosting to selling virtual domains. Keep in mind that some domains may be worth tens of millions of dollars. Good examples are, which was sold for $35 million in 2007 or, the value of which reached $7.5 million in December 1999. Unfortunately, the majority of Internet domains has already been purchased.

Digital downloads are a billion dollar industry. The best thing is that it’s really simple to get started as digital formats eliminate operational costs like shipping and packaging. Just pick one of the above digital products, set up your store, and start selling them!


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