E3, the biggest and the most spectacular gaming event is over, but its effects will resonate with players in the upcoming months. It’s the right moment for your gaming business to make the most of the announced game reveals, especially during hot summer months. Yes, games hyped during E3 can in a way push your business forward. So take a peek at the bunch of upcoming releases and their predecessors from EA, and see how they can boost your gaming business during summer.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Release date: November 17, 2017

Star Wars franchise stole a big part of the show at EA’s conference. That Star Wars Battlefront II looks good would be an understatement. As for now, the gameplay trailer has almost 10 million views on YouTube, making it one of the most popular titles on YouTube at E3. The game is one of the most anticipated titles of 2017 and is followed by the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi in December. Consequently, the film may act as a catalyst to drive Battlefront 2 sales.
Heck, there’s much fun to be had by Star Wars fans, especially with the free add-ons available to players. That must have pushed the game to the top of players’ minds and thus on top of social media posts revolving around E3. Generally, Battlefront 2 is a big deal so don’t miss a chance to pre-order it!
Before fans get their hands on Battlefront 2, you can keep them entertained by Star Wars Battlefront 1, which sold approximately 14 mln copies as of May 2016. Synonymous with commercial success and favourable reviews, it’s a safe bet that the game will be on players’ radar this summer. A mighty 30 million total franchise revenue incorporates films, digital sales, merchandise, and video games… It’s quite a sum, isn’t it?
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Release date: September 29, 2017

FIFA games have been conquering the hearts of players worldwide since their early beginnings. Once more FIFA 18 comes with Cristiano Ronaldo as a cover star. Similar to FIFA 17, the game will feature a new chapter of the Journey, a hugely popular story mode playable in a co-op. Yep, that’s going to be an absolute must-have for FIFA veterans. Now head on to CodesWholesale.com to pre-order FIFA 18.
As for now, your customers can fill the long summer months with FIFA 17, the best-selling title of all games in 2016 and the best-selling console title in the world for 2016. It can be safely said that EA is in good shape thanks to FIFA 17 with over 10 million fans playing the new story mode. In case you’re still wondering if the game is worth your investment, FIFA 17 is EA’s major digital revenue driver, with in-game purchases in particular. All in all, it’s reasonable to point FIFA 17 to your customers and help them hang on until September painlessly. Make sure you still have FIFA 17 in stock and if not, stock up at CodesWholesale.com.

Battlefield 1In the Name of the Tsar DLC

Release date: September 2017

At EA Play – EA’s E3 2017 conference, the publisher showcased its flagship title Battlefield 1 DLC – In the Name of the Tsar. The Russian expansion comes with new maps from WW 1’s eastern front, women’s battalion of death, and a host of new weapons that teases all fans of Battlefield 1.
Does it mean you can sit back and do nothing until then? Forget it! It would be a missed opportunity to leave out over 20-million fans of Battlefield 1. First, it’s one of the best-selling games of 2016 estimated to surpass 15 mln copies sold. Second, Battlefield 1 had the biggest launch ever with player base outnumbering that of Battlefield 4 by 50%. Interestingly, the title also contributed heavily to the EA’s digital sales – a whopping 51% of people purchased the game in a digital format. Overall, your business should take advantage of the game’s commercial potential. Running low on Battlefield 1? Go to CodesWholesale.com and power up your supplies.

Need for Speed Payback

Release date: November 10, 2017

One of the most-talked games at E3 and one of the longest-running racing franchises looks like a love letter to The Fast and The Furious. And that’s fine to hear. The game openly pulls inspiration from the 4th highest grossing film franchise of 2017. That’s but one argument to invest your money in the game. But how can you keep your customers busy and engaged until November? It’s no brainer with Need for Speed Payback predecessors.
You can always remind your customers about Need for Speed released in 2015. And keep in mind that Need for Speed is one of the most successful racing franchises of all time with ground-breaking 150 mln copies sold. Published consistently since 1994, the franchise has developed a strong, global presence. The natural consequence of this is the NFS power to resonate with players worldwide. If you want to get codes for NFS games, CodesWholesale.com is the right place to go.

EA showcased some sports, Battlefield 1, some car chases, Star Wars plus two brand-new titles, such as Anthem and A Way Out. By playing some of the best EA titles, gamers will keep their eyes open for their favourites coming later this year. As for now, you may want to fuel your supplies with CodesWholesale.com. So, stock the right titles and stay ahead of the game this summer!