We are excited to announce the launch of bundles, new products on the platform. Next to deals, our packages of games will provide another opportunity to grow your savings on game purchases. As they come in, it’s the right moment to learn more about them!

1. Will CodesWholesale Bundles be part of your regular offer?

A: It all depends on the demand. If the games we bundle become popular with our clients, we will incorporate them into our regular offering. That means we would supply codes for bundles on a regular basis.

2. What kind of games do you offer in packages?

A: We usually combine two or three titles that are base games or a base game with its DLC. You can also find CodesWholesale expansion bundles on the platform. All games in a collection are often best-selling titles that we grouped according to a specific publisher or genre. Want to see the current bundles in our offer? Just sign in to the platform.

3. Are all game keys included in a bundle activated with one key?

A: No, they are not. There is a separate key for every title in the package. Mostly, a bundle contains two or three game keys.

4. What criteria do you follow when bundling games?

A: When building bundles, we pay attention to three aspects: the game’s sales potential, a publisher name, and genre. Then it’s more likely that the bundles we build will earn you a profit.

5. I have a suggestion for a bundle. What can I do?

A: If you have a specific set of games you would like to see on the platform, drop us a line at accounts@codeswholesale.com or skype: accounts.codeswholesale. We always do our best to create the offering you request. However, note that in order to get your request fulfilled, the minimum order requirement is 100 game keys.

6. Why should I purchase CodesWholesale Bundles?

A: You can benefit from our bundles in multiple ways. First, you keep more money in your pocket – bundled games always come at a lower price than the same games bought separately. Second, with one click you get a few games – that’s a real time-saver. Last, but not least, you expand your store’s offering with an entirely new product.

7. How often will new bundles arrive in stock?

A: Once our game packages gain ground among our clients, we are going to add them to the platform on a regular basis. If you wish to stay ahead of the latest offers, subscribe to our newsletter!

8. How much money do I save when buying your bundles?

A: Generally, when you opt for this product, expect roughly a 5% discount per bundle.

9. How do I refund game keys from bundles?

A: Refunds for bundles look the same as with other products on the price list. When you spot any problem with codes, fill in the refund form here. We will get back to you with a solution within 48 hours.

All in all, video games gathered in our bundles are worth the money – with them your savings slowly add up.