As a video game wholesaler, you may fear power loss that will make your business stuck. You will not be able to sell game keys and contact your business partners. Every power outage is another missed opportunity for making a sale. We have prepared some quick tips on how to protect your business against a complete power loss!

1. Buy a UPS power bank

A small UPS will supply power to your computer and router for a few minutes. It is enough to store all the necessary files and notify your business partners of power failure. Unfortunately, you may be unable to make sales quickly so at some point you will just start losing customers. This is a possible scenario especially if clients expect a quick response from you.

Estimated cost: $200 – $500
How long it runs: 10 minutes

2. Keep the power generator in a basement

Among backup power supplies, you will also find a power generator. It is more expensive, bigger and louder, but it will power your office equipment with a fuel supply. With it, you can run your business for hours or even days as long as you have oil, petrol or gas supply. That’s usually the case provided that your Internet connection is stable.

Estimated cost: $200 – $5000 + fuel costs
How long it runs: until you run out of fuel

3. Get API for your business

With the help of, you can automate your game sales. When your client wants to buy a game key, then the system will carry out the entire transaction automatically. The best part here is that you don’t need to confirm every order manually. And it does not matter whether you are online or not – either way, your business will work smoothly!

Estimated cost: $ 0
How long it runs: 24/7

Now that you know all ways of protecting your business from power failure choose the one that best for you. Only then will your wholesale business be fully secure and stable.

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