Do you want to make money while sitting in your favourite coach or comfortable sofa? Do you like working on your laptop? If your answer to all of these questions is “yes”, you definitely need to read this article!

1. What do you need to work from home?

Apart from the comfort of working from home, you’ll need the right tools and the startup capital. First and foremost, you need to have a laptop, or any other tool you’re comfortable with, connected to the internet. Then, you’ll have access to the necessary virtual tools that we’ll mention later on. Plus, you need a certain amount of cash to start with. That is $9 to pay Shopify monthly fee, which makes even 1,5 month as you get the first two weeks extra. And, last but not least, you need €200 to top up your balance that gives you access to a wide array of games straight from the distributor.

To sum up, you need to:

– a laptop with the internet connection

– startup money: $9 to pay Shopify monthly fee + 2 weeks for free

– €200 to top up your balance on

2. What you need to do to work from your couch

How to make money without leaving your home? The most comfortable and fastest way to do it is the following: first, go to and create a free account. Then, create your account on Shopify. Keep in mind that the first two weeks are completely free of charge so you can test the solution and further make up your mind whether you want to continue or not.

Once you’ve registered both accounts and they’re active, you need to connect the two to have access to digital games offered by CodesWholesale platform. To do so, you need the right plug-in available on the Shopify website. You’ll find the instructions on the procedure here. At this point, it’s worth mentioning that Shopify allows you to sell directly from Facebook after integrating it with Facebook fanpage.

To sum up, you need to:

– create a free account on

– create a free account on Shopify

– integrate the two accounts via the right plug-in

– configure your e-store


3. How to earn money from your armchair

When your e-store is set up technically, you need to take care of your customer base. Only then will you have a chance to sell. But how to generate the customer traffic flow?

Start with creating unique game descriptions instead of copying them from other websites. This way, your e-store will be well ranked in the search engines and search results. You can also add game screenshots and YouTube game videos to the product card. Players love such things and they only urge them to buy a game.

Another thing is starting the fanpage of your store on Facebook. As we mentioned earlier, Shopify enables you to sell video games directly from Facebook. If you build a strong fan base here, you’ll get the opportunity to sell the products from your catalogue. That’s why you should invite your friends to like your fanpage and ask them for help in promoting the products. At the same time, publish unique and engaging posts about games to attract new players. Screenshots and videos are the most effective examples of content, but always remember to post quality content, which attracts your customers in the end.


– create unique descriptions of video games available in your store

– add screenshots and videos of games

– start a fanpage on Facebook

– integrate the Facebook fanpage with Shopify

– invite your friends to like the fanpage

– publish engaging content about video games


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