Shopify with the CodesWholesale plugin allows you to easily integrate your store with Facebook and reach your clients where they spend over 30% of their online time. Read this quick instruction to find out how to set up your Facebook store!

First, you’re going to need these three things:

– Your own Shopify-based store (first 14 days are free)
– Free CodesWholesale plugin for Shopify
– Your store’s Facebook page

If you don’t have a Shopify store with the CodesWholesale plugin yet, follow this instruction to setup and configure it.

If your store is ready and you’ve imported the selected products, it’s time to create a Facebook sales channel. To do that, log in to your Shopify admin, click [+] next to “sales channels” on your left, and pick Facebook from the list.

shopify facebook sales channel_strzałka

You’ll be redirected to Shopify App Store. Here you can get a Facebook app.

Shopify facebook app

After installation, Facebook will appear in your admin under Sales channels. Click on it to see the configuration options.

shopify facebook app 2

In the Account tab, you can connect your Facebook page to the store, enable Facebook checkout (it’s possible only if you sell in a currency supported by Facebook), and read Facebook’s Terms and Conditions.

Shopify facebook app 3

After configuration, you’ll need to wait for Facebook to review your store.

When Facebook gives you the go-ahead, publish chosen products from your store on your Facebook page.

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