As we have entered 2018, the CodesWholesale API comes with revamped functionalities that will ease the management of your custom-designed game store. Let’s take a look at all the brand-new features of API 2.0.

1. Gaming assets that sell

They can make or break a sale. Game descriptions are essential if you want to hook more gamers and grow your sales at the same time. With API 2.0, you get a whole bunch of game assets straight from the official distributors. They include:
– game descriptions
– developer name
– developer website
– covers in a chosen language
– screenshots
– release date
– trailer
– PEGI rating
– edition
– expansion pack
You can access product assets here.

2. Check your orders in Order History

Need to access order details on your past purchases? Not a problem. Now you can review the details of any order within the last 60 days. Get the relevant endpoint in the API Documentation.

3. First filter and then import

Now you can filter products by regions, languages, platforms, and date. Choose the filtering option that suits you best and import the products into one neat CSV file. Get more details here.

4. Stay away from risky orders

With risk score value, you can assess the risk of incoming orders before accepting them. If a particular check yields a positive result, then the order will be highlighted as secure. In case of negative results, the order will be marked as insecure. Best of all, you decide whether to fulfil that order or not. Full control over insecure orders is your asset now.
We recommended setting the risk score value at 1.5. Go to the Documentation.

5. Download your invoice instantly

Now all API 2.0 users are free to download the invoice in pdf format for any purchase they have made. Generated automatically through API, they are ready to download immediately after the purchase. Visit API Documentation Version 2.

6. Stay informed with postbacks

Thanks to extended postback feature, you will stay updated on the latest activities on the platform. You are going to receive an automatic notification when:
– a new product appears on the platform
– a product is hidden from the CodesWholesale price-list
– product details change, e.g. platform, DRM, language
– price and stock change
– pre-order codes get assigned to your order.
To get informed about product changes on the platform, implement the relevant endpoint from the API Documentation Version 2 .

These new features are part of our ongoing strategy to make CodesWholesale API better and more user-friendly. If you have questions concerning the new features, feel free to contact our support team via e-mail: or skype: support.codeswholesale.