Your store offers games that you haven’t been able to sell for a long time? You would like to get rid of them, but, at the same time, you don’t want to lose lots of money? Here are some ideas to help you sell some leftover games effectively.

1. Cross-sell with bestsellers

Why not pair a left-over game with a bestselling title and sell both at an attractive price. We recommend you to match the game that sells poorly with another game of the same genre or developer. It goes without saying that if players enjoy first-person shooter games, they would also be tempted to buy another first-person shooter rather than an old sports game. A leftover game cross-sold with a best-selling title may be more appealing to the gamer.

2. Create bundles

Your game store can also include leftover or old game titles either in bundles or package deals. The more games you add, the bigger the discount and gamers love them. Price cuts for personalized bundles sound even more appealing from the gamer’s perspective. After all, who wouldn’t want to get five titles at a bargain price?

3. Organize contests

Holding a contest to give old games away doesn’t earn you much money but it is still worth trying out. Mostly, competition generates interest and draws more gamers to your store. So how about starting a contest with cool video games as prizes?

4. Create the buzz around old-school games

Create a separate “classics” category in your store, where you will sell old games, meaning classics, legendary, stylish old-school games or simply retro games. You can always market this section to the audience by means of e-mails, banners or social media posts. Plenty of gamers will be happy to get a true classic once in a while.

5. Offer mega-sale

How about starting a mega sale with big price cuts? Show how much customers are going to save when buying a discounted game. 10%, 30% or 50%? It pays off to sell a game cheap than to keep it in stock for months on end.

6. Create an affiliate program

How does it work? Affiliate membership allows for sending free video games to users whose volume of purchases is big or whose activity in an online store is more than average. You can judge the latter by the number of comments, recommendations, and post shares. In return, the winner will get the old retro title.

7. Sell mysterious packages

Announce the sale of a mystery package with randomly selected new and old titles. First, it would be a good idea to inform customers about the number of games they could win. Remember to set a price for a mystery package in a such a way that it is both appealing to gamers and profitable for your business. Of course, in order to sell successfully all mystery package need to be priced lower than new titles.

8. Reward active users

You can hook more customers and keep them engaged with giveaway contests. It’s even better if you offer video games unexpectedly to the most active users. They will be happy about it and therefore more likely to spread the word among their close friends or even further.

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