The transition from boxed video games to a digital format is important for wholesale businesses, game retailers and gamers alike. There is a growing trend towards digital formats among players. In this article, we will shed some light on gamers’ preference towards digital games.

1. No need to leave home

According to the principle of the least effort, humans tend to take the easiest and the fastest route to achieve their goals. Game purchases are no exception here. That’s why gamers choose the digital version of a game – it’s simply more convenient. With one click, they can buy and install their favourite game without leaving their house.

2. Instant access to a game

The truth is that gamers want to play a game “right now” or as soon as it comes out. With a digital game, there’s no need to wait for delivery as buying it means downloading it within seconds. That’s a strong argument for players who want to get their hands on a pre-ordered game the very second its release date hits. Isn’t it convenient?

3. No boxes, no mess

First, gamers are not interested in the package of a game, meaning the attached paper instruction with CD or DVD. Second, physical copies take up too much space on the shelf, adding to already vast collection of games. Another boxed version could only cause greater mess and clutter.

4. Digital is greener

Most notably, digital games are eco-friendly. Yes, you’ve heard it right! Going digital can help the environment a little more. Nowadays, a growing number of players become aware of the damage done to the environment by producing the boxed version of a game. Paper covers, paper instruction booklets, cardboard cartons, plastic cases, discs – all these elements are very slow to decompose. Some compounds need over thousand years to biodegrade.

As a game retailer, you should be aware of what underlies gamers’ decision to switch to digital. If you know the advantages of the digital version, it will be easier for you to deliver the right sales message to the customer.

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