Did you move up the supply chain and offer game keys to retailers? If so, you may struggle with the increased volume of games sold. That also entails sending or re-typing multiple offers via emails or Skype. You may also find it hard to update them once in a while. If that’s your harsh reality, perhaps you should colour it with white label developed by CodesWholesale. Read on and see for yourself!

24/7 price-list

CodesWholesale automates the flow of information between you and the companies you work with. As a result, you don’t need to exchange dozens of emails or clunky skype messages with numerous price-lists. With the help of our robust software, all your partners have instant access to your offers.

Free-of-charge solution

The white label model of distribution we propose is available for free for all sellers involved in the wholesale distribution of digital games. White label users cover no development or maintenance costs of the software.

Cutting down the time

Staying on top of all orders, never-ending inventory lists, invoices, and sales orders prove to be a challenge for many wholesale businesses. So is retyping offers from skype to email, excruciatingly long email chains and all that manual data fuss. Not only is this time-consuming but it’s also error-prone. That’s where the white label comes into play. With it, you have all game keys, invoices, orders, and price-lists neatly arranged in one central place.

The final word

All in all, thanks to the ready-made white-label infrastructure, you can keep all time-consuming activities at bay. Why waste time sending one offer per partner, when you can reach all of them with one click? Get in touch with us, preferably via e-mail: support@codeswhoelsale.com and see if your business is ready for our white label!

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