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Our price list contains both major AAA titles and indie games. Not only will you receive the latest releases but you will also get the classics. We have all that your business requires.

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The foundations and aspirations of our business have always revolved around simple and efficient sales processes. Behind them lies the success of our partners. That's why our mission is to make digital games distribution easier and faster for all businesses.

Our team consists of people passionate about games and experienced professionals. Without them, the smooth operation of our wholesale platform wouldn't be possible.

We believe that what we do and strive for is the inevitable future of the digital game industry. We pioneered the solutions that support and improve the operation of companies involved in the digital distribution of games.

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What our partners say

Being able to see the stock available immediately and ordering instantly is the great advantage of CodesWholesale. Over the years they achieved a robust and complete platform. The API they offer makes our task simply more efficient.
Instant Gaming
We've been dealing with CodesWholesale for a while, and the difference to our business has been dramatic. Not only have they helped us adapt into the digital codes market. But with the natural traffic the site brings plus the hard work of their sales team, it's a sure fire way to give yourself a foot-up in the digital codes marketplace, both for retailers and distributors.
We’ve been working together with these guys for many years and the experience was always great, we have never had any problems. The support is friendly and handles requests very fast. There are many reasons for working with CodesWholesale.com.



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