Sell games easier than before!

Add your offer to the wholesale platform instead of sending multiple emails. This way, you will reach thousands of customers globally. platform is available online, 24/7.

Discover the future of wholesaling

How to acquire new wholesale customers and avoid sending e-mail offers with the price list? How to eliminate discussing the details of each and every transaction with business partners? The answer is simple. Sell games on our digital wholesale platform.

New sales channel

New, potential customers are waiting for you on CodesWholesale platform – retailers, wholesalers and other business entities involved in the distribution of games. All of them will have instant access to your offer.

  • Global reach
  • Thousands of wholesale customers

Fully automated distribution system

With our platform, you don’t have to worry about distributing digital games. All you need to do is upload codes to the platform as an image or as a text. All processes such as accepting orders, completing transactions, and distribution are fully automated.

  • Easy distribution system
  • Automated sales process
  • Adding offers made simple

Fewer complaints

Our system will automatically detect any duplicate codes and notify you about them. In addition, we contact customers for you so that you don't have to respond to invalid complaints. You focus on the core of your business instead.

  • Instant notification of duplicates
  • Customer complaints kept to a minimum

Helpful statistics

The system collects statistics and displays them in a transparent way so that you can monitor your sales performance, check balance on your account and count your profits.

  • Insight into sales performance
  • Transparent analytical tools

Protected stock

All digital product codes uploaded to platform are encrypted, which provides additional protection. In addition, you have full access to the codes at any time.

  • Secure game trade
  • Full access to your stock

Sell games at no risk

Don't get stuck with games! The short-term deal enables you to find wholesale customers first and then buy game keys from suppliers.

Add your Deal now! You will know how many games you're going to sell by the time your offer expires.

  • No money risk
  • Predicting customer demand

Why not sell products without purchasing them first?

Assess the demand and sell with no risk!

Build your own wholesale platform

Why not boost your sales potential with your own digital distribution network? Don't waste your time and money on developing your sales system. Use this proven solution and sell like CodesWholesale but under your own brand.

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