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Now, you can buy game keys whenever it suits you. Our system, which is constantly at your disposal, will automatically send you game keys immediately after making a payment.

  • Round-the-clock ordering system
  • Automatic delivery

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The CodesWholesale price list contains digital products that can be activated on the most popular platforms and software - Steam, Origin, Uplay,,, Xbox, PS, Windows and Kaspersky. All keys in our system are delivered by reliable suppliers.

Professional and helpful support

Our employees are experienced professionals with an extensive knowledge of the video game industry. They are eager to share it with you. If you need any help, please contact our Support Team via e-mail or Skype.

Convenient payment methods

Use your preferred payment option. Choose between Paypal, Skrill, bank transfer and one of over 50 local and international payment methods.

Some of the popular international methods:

Some of the popular local methods:

No minimum order quantity

We serve both large wholesalers and small e-stores. That's why we give you the opportunity to buy with no minimum order quantity on platform. You can buy as many games as you need.

  • No overstock
  • Price level based on quantity ordered

Fully automated supplies

Client buys a game in your store

Your store buys the game in our system

Your client receives the game

Now you can rest and do nothing

You don't have to monitor your stock manually. You can restock automatically in line with the needs of your customers. Just integrate your e-store with CodesWholesale platform using our REST API.

Avoid being overstocked or out of stock. With REST API your e-store will draw on our resources and your clients won't be aware of this.

6 integration methods

There are two options to connect your store to CodesWholesale database of digital products. You can either use one of the specially designed plugins or make slight changes to your existing software.

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