If selling games to consumers is not your forte, you may have moved up the supplier chain and sell games to retailers. Usually, distributing games to other companies is fraught with difficulty. The white label we propose is bound to make your wholesale experience less strenuous and more prosperous.

First off, the white label infrastructure allows you to put your branding and logo on a fully customizable system to proceed with your video games sales. Everything from product sourcing to transactions is automated. So, in the end, you will have an opportunity to increase your bottom line.

Cut down on IT service

With white label by Codeswholesale, you don’t have to hire IT staff to manage all technical issues. Our technical support will accompany you throughout the whole implementation process.

Fully automated platform

How many times have you spent precious hours on sending price-lists to your partners? How long does it take you to craft an email or re-type offers to dozens of recipients? Or, finally, how much time does it take from placing an order to fulfilling it? It all eats up a bulk of your time.
Wouldn’t it be a better idea to place an offer online and make it immediately available to all your partners? With white label literally every stage from placing an order to payments goes super smoothly.

Sell on autopilot

Does your bottom line has to suffer when you’re away from the desk? Definitely not. You don’t even have to be online to earn a profit. Another advantage is that as a white label user you get access to the CodesWholesale product catalogue. Whenever a game you offer is out of stock, it will get automatically replenished.


In conclusion, it’s worthwhile to adopt the white label solution as:
+ your game business will backed up the experienced IT team
+ your order fulfillment workflow will accelerate thanks to automation
+ you can use a backup source of games from CodesWholesale

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