It doesn’t matter whether you’re a publisher, developer or wholesale business, with CodesWholesale you can sell digital games and earn a profit. Just sign up for CodesWholesale account, upload game keys, and sell them to thousands of customers worldwide.

Step 1: Set up a seller account

If you want to sell video games on CodesWholesale, send an email to Then, one of our representatives will get back to you with a request to submit relevant company documents. Once all your documents have been verified, you will receive an email informing you that your account is active. If you see “Sell products” tab in the left-side menu, it means that your account has been successfully activated.

Step 2: Select a game

Select the product for which you want to provide licensed game keys. If a given title is missing from the price list, click on “Products” in the top right-hand corner and select “Suggest product”. It will look like this:

Products CodesWholesale

Next provide information about the submitted product. “Developer” and “Publisher” fields have a drop-down list of pre-selected developers and publishers – see the image below:

Suggest new product

In order to speed up the process of adding a new product to the platform, you can always get in touch with us via email: or via skype: b2b.codeswholesale

Step 3: Set a price

With, you’re free to set a profit margin for every product submitted. Importantly, the price you set is the exact amount that will go into your balance after making a sale.
Note that the price you’ve set is different from the one displayed on the price list. The reason for this is that automatically adds a tiny profit margin to your selling price.

Selling price

Step 4: Upload codes

The last step is to add game codes either as a text or as an image.

It’s also possible to upload codes in bulk. To do this, you can either pick a single file with codes or select the entire folder. If you enter the codes in a text format, remember to put each alphanumeric string in a separate line. When you add a batch of codes that contain the basic version of a game and its DLC, keep them in one file and in separate lines:

When you add a batch of codes that contain the basic version of a game and its DLC, keep them in one file and in separate lines:

GAME:1234­1234­1234­1234 DLC:4321432143214321

GAME:9127912791279127 DLC:2134213421342134

GAME:7890789078907890 DLC:0987098709870987

GAME:5678567856785678 DLC:8765876587658765

In that case, buying one product means that you should send the customer a single line of text or a graphic file containing two codes (one for the main game and one for DLC).

Monitor your profits
It’s optional for you to provide a supplier price and supplier name. This will help you keep an eye on your actual sales. Note that any information about your supplier sources will not be disclosed to other users on the platform. To ensure that your supplier sources stay confidential, you can assign a string of numbers to a specific supplier.

Supplier name and Supplier price fields

Step 5: Withdraw money or make a purchase

As soon as your codes are sold, you will receive an email notifying you of the transaction. All your incoming payments can be found in the Account Balance tab. After the money has arrived into your account, you can either
use it to continue purchases on the platform or send it to your bank account or PayPal. Before you do this, fill in the withdrawal form (see the image below). Note that all withdrawals are made in the euro currency only.

Withdrawal form

Funds  withdrawal

First-line support

If you encounter any technical issue with the codes you supply, you will need a responsive support with fast turnaround times. has an advantage over other platforms in that it provides first-line support from beginning to end. Our support team has a deep understanding of the video games market and products they sell.

Troubleshooting issues with game keys

As far as the refund procedure is concerned, it looks as follows: once a game key has been identified as faulty, our support team will reach out to you via email or skype. You always have 48 hours to respond to a complaint made by your customer. If you fail to respond to a complaint within this time frame, a refund will be issued.

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