As we already noticed, the release of a blockbuster hit can influence the behaviour of gamers. In this post, we will show you how to prepare a marketing campaign around Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Learn how to use the release of the superhero film to your advantage and boost your sales.


Which games to promote?

First, match the superheroes to video games where these two characters appear. If you have no idea which games to promote, here are our suggestions:
– Injustice: Gods Among Us,
– Batman video game series: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Arkham Knight, Arkham Origins,
– Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe,
– Superman Returns,
– LEGO video game series: Batman The Video Game, Batman 2 – DC Super Heroes and Batman 3 – Beyond Gotham
These are currently the most popular games that fit well into this theme.

How to arouse customers’ interest?

It’s up to you as to how you will attract gamers’ to the video games. Feel free to use one of the options below or combine them:
– Create a dedicated subpage or a section on the website, where you will promote games within this campaign. This way, your customers won’t have to google these titles as you provide them with essential information.
– Offer discounts on selected titles.
– Offer game bundles at attractive prices. This way you will increase the value of a shopping cart.
– Add freebies to some orders.
– Organize a contest with prizes. As a reward, you can give away shopping vouchers that will push the winner to order a game with you.

Select the channels of communication with customers

Use the knowledge you have about your customers to your advantage. Decide how to get in touch with them. You can choose among the following:
– mailing / newsletter
– a dedicated section on the page/sub-page and/or a slider or banner with the main theme
– social media
– AdWords campaign.

Don’t forget about the film

Despite the fact that Superman and Batman movies are only a means to increase sales in your store, don’t forget to encourage your customers to go to the cinema. The box-office busting success of these movies can in a way bring the two superheroes to the attention of fans. It’s a real boon to your business. The more customers enjoy the movie, the more of them will want to play games with similar themes. Ultimately, moviegoers may feel motivated to search for superhero kind of video games right after watching the film. And chances are that they will come to your store to get them.


Apart from the planning stage, pitch materials for video games are also important.
Because of the release of the film, the producer has prepared various promotional materials tailored to a variety of communication channels. You can download them here
With video games, it goes the same as with movies – game developers always prepare pitch materials. Here is the list of links where you will find pitch materials for:
– Injustice: Gods Among Us –
– Batman: Arkham Knight –
– Batman: Arkham Origins –
– Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe –
– LEGO: Batman –
In addition to ready-made materials, you can always create something by yourself like an infographic, wallpaper, engaging post on fanpage, blog post, gameplay video, to name just a few.


Interact, engage, and draw your customers in. Communication is not only about telling customers to go to the movies and then buy games. Ideally, encourage your gamers to take part in a campaign and provide a compelling reason. This way, gamers will attach emotionally to the theme of superheroes. Here is the example:


Do a quick survey on a topic related to superheroes and ask your customers the following questions:
– which superhero do you like more, Batman or Superman?
– which struggle between superheroes would you like to see? (Show screenshots and gameplay of the games relating to the campaign theme)
– what do you think about the “Batman v Superman” movie (after release)?
The greater the buzz around superheroes, the more people you will engage and thus reach. Users will share, like, and send your content to their friends, making it go viral. Chances are that new users are your prospective customers.

How to schedule your campaign

Take a look at the sample plan below:

March 21 – website / mailing / social media
Announce “Batman vs. Superman” movie to your clients so that they have it at the back of their mind. At this stage, focus on the film only, not on the games you want to sell along with them later.

March 22 – website / mailing / social media
Refer to previous information about the movie and tell your customers that you organize promotions for superhero games. Direct users to a dedicated section or subpage on your website and present them with a promotional offer.

March 23 – AdWords
Start your remarketing campaign in AdWords. The underlying goal is to promote all video games related to “Batman v Superman” film.

March 24 – website / mailing / social media
One the day before the release address gamers with an engaging post (eg. ask them about their favorite superhero). And at the same time remind them briefly that they should get tickets for tomorrow.

March 25 – website / mailing / social media
Be sure to mention release of the “Batman v Superman”. Right on this day, put the film in the centre as your customers are probably super-thrilled about it.

March 26 – website / social media
Ask your customers to write their opinion of the movie. Did they like it or not? Offer a discount or other incentives to those who will share their opinion with other users.

March 27 – website / mailing / social media
Remind your customers that discounts still last.

March 29 – website / social media
Go back to the customers that have been active. You may ask them the following question: Which one of the fighters from the “Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe” video game is better: Batman or Superman?

March 30 – website / mailing / social media
Remind that your customers that the promotion of a specific game is slowly coming to an end.

March 31 – website / mailing / social media
Remind your audience that it is their last chance to take advantage of special gaming offers.

As you can see the release of any film can be a good opportunity to sell more video games and build successful communication around your game store. Batman v Superman release is but one of many examples. While planning your campaign, always make the best of your creativity!

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