With cryptocurrencies market on the rise, you shouldn’t wait any longer to start profiting from it. Selling Crypto Vouchers is the best way to do it!

CodesWholesale introduced the new product that you can sell in your store alongside digital games, utility software and PSN/XBOX gift cards – Crypto Vouchers. It’s an easy and profitable way of getting into the growing cryptocurrency market.

What is a Crypto Voucher?

Crypto Voucher works like prepaid cards that you can exchange anytime for a cryptocurrency of your choice (Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum). You can sell it like any other digital product – by stocking up manually or importing product via CodesWholesale API. An activation code for Crypto Voucher is sent to your customer’s email address instantly upon purchase.

Crypto Vouchers are available in the following denominations: 10€, 25€ and 50€.

How to redeem a Crypto Voucher?

Just enter the code on a Crypto Voucher website, provide the crypto wallet address and receive the exact value of your voucher in your preferred crypto coins instantly.

Exchange rates are updated every 15 seconds, so you and your clients always get the ost accurate market value.

Why should you sell Crypto Vouchers?

Crypto Vouchers are the easiest and the least risky way of trading cryptocurrency in your online store. But why would someone buy a prepaid card if they can get coins directly? The answer is simple – it’s cheaper and more convenient.

Crypto Vouchers let you and your clients avoid processing fees associated with traditional ways of trading cryptocurrencies. Redundant intermediaries are cut out of the process. Commissions are reduced to the minimum, which makes investing in coins even more profitable than usual. Plus, Crypto Vouchers can be bought with as many different payment methods as any other product in your store – you can rest assured that your clients will appreciate the convenience and cost-effectiveness of this method.

Reed more about Crypto Vouchers here.

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