Passion for gaming unites us. Together we create the future of game distribution, taking it to a new level of quality.

Our history

When we started as a small company involved in the distribution of video games, few people recognised the potential of digital distribution for the future. Steam was in the early stage of development, not to mention Origin, Uplay or, which were non-existent then.

Companies similar to ours were few on the market and all of them functioned in the same way. We used to receive scratch cards with activation codes from distributors which were later scanned and sold via emails and messengers.

Faced with multiple problems, we were looking for solutions that would make our work easier. We tested various software for scanning and capturing graphic files with codes. We also created our own tools that helped us distribute game keys.

Thanks to the advancement of the fibre-optic communication worldwide and high-speed internet access, the trends on the market of digital distribution started to change. And then there was a breakthrough - World of Warcraft reached the peak of its popularity, Steam platform expanded greatly, and alike platforms appeared. When the wholesale distribution came to a standstill, we decided to do something about it, given the fact that we were aware of the problems of the industry inside-out.

In 2010 we embarked on the first project which was an IT software making the transaction processes more efficient. We invested our time and money to find a smart team of programmers and the relevant technology. As a result, we shared the software with our customers who could purchase products immediately, without transferring them by our sales team.

Over the next years, we had been adding new features and excelling our platform to eliminate possible shortcomings. In 2014 our system was more efficient and, as a result, we were ready to conquer other markets. We also changed the business model, making the option of selling codes widely available.

The next step was to create new features: REST API and WHITE LABEL. The first allows simple integration of any ordering system with CodesWholesale platform. The second enables wholesalers to draw on our platform under their own brand. In 2016 we set up yet another sales option - DEALS. Owing to this, distributors can easily assess the demand for digital products before they stock up. And buyers can browse through multiple offers at hand.

We believe that the trade of digital products can even be simpler than to date. Consequently, we are still on the lookout for new solutions. What drives us forward is the company’s motto: it’s digital, it’s easy.

Trust us

Trust us

Our reliability and security concerns guarantee the transparency of our business activities. We highly appreciate a good reputation and customer relationships. obtained a DB certification confirming the legal registration of our company and its operation as an international business. All this has been achieved for our customers’ comfort and security.

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